Sendmail routing and forwarding

Hickel, Stephen [gh372247] smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Tue Oct 28 22:15:05 GMT 2003

Thanks all for the earlier assist. I took out the rbl's
indicated. I had other issues including a broken dns, which
I have figured out.

I am using a relay address as my mx is a dynamic address
and aol and cs seem to not like it. When I go into
mailertable I put in my exchange server in there at a
192.x.x.x address and told it to listen to mx record. The
primary mx is the exhange and the secondary is mailscanner
box. When I put in the relay ip in the "send outgoing email
via host" in webmin screen, it seems all my internal mail
goes back out to the internet and doesn't get delivered.

I want to relay the email coming from exchange through the
mailscanner to the internet via the relay address set up
for me by my ISP. What am I doing wrong?



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