Exim and Acl variable storage

Rick Cooper rcooper at DIMENSION-FLM.COM
Tue Oct 28 16:06:17 GMT 2003

Exim (as of 4.23) now stores acl variables  for use later in filters and
(set acl_c2 for example). This has caused MailScanner to barf big time on
-H files that contain acl data with newlines. An example of such a header:

root 0 0
<postmaster at senderdomain.com>
1067008350 0
-helo_name senderheloname.com
-host_address xxx.xx.xxx.xxx.33694
-host_name senderdomainhost.com
-interface_address yy.yy.yyy.yy.25
-received_protocol esmtp
-acl 2 14                        <- designate acl_c2 data len 14
xxx.xx.xxx.xxx                   <- data following newline can also contain
-body_linecount 7122

The relevant code from exim's spool_out.c :

/* Preserve any ACL variables that are set. Because the values may contain
newlines, we use an explicit length. */

for (i = 0; i < ACL_C_MAX + ACL_M_MAX; i++)
  if (acl_var[i] != NULL)
    fprintf(f, "-acl %d %d\n%s\n", i, Ustrlen(acl_var[i]), acl_var[i]);

It appears that MailScanner is having the trouble here:


  # Loop through -line section, setting metadata
  # items corresponding to Exim's names for them,
  # and tracking them in %{$metadata{dashvars}}
  while (chomp($line = <$RQf>)) {
    $line =~ s/^-(\w+) ?// or last;
    $metadata{dashvars}{$1} = 0;
    $line eq "" and $metadata{"dv_$1"} = 1, next;
    $metadata{"dv_$1"} = $line;
    $metadata{dashvars}{$1} = 1;

When MailScanner encounters the data that belongs to the -acl line above it,
MailScanner bails and issues an invalid queue file error. Since the "save
acl" code directly precedes the -body_linecount code I think the best way to
handle it would be to check $line, if it
eq -acl, then continue to read/parse data until the -body_linecount line is
encountered. I may take a crack at this problem my self, but frankly perl is
not my cup of tea... Perl is a write only language for me. Is this an issue
that the MailScanner author(s) are working on, or aware of?

 Rick Cooper

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