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Tue Oct 28 13:33:21 GMT 2003

How about this:

# This Custom Function provides a facility whereby some internal-only
# accounts can only send mail to other "internal" domain names, and cannot
# send mail to any other addresses apart from those domains.
# To use it, specify
#    Non Spam Actions          = &InternalActions
#    Spam Actions              = &InternalActions
#    High Scoring Spam Actions = &InternalActions
# in your MailScanner.conf file, having added this code to
#    /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/
# It uses a configuration file whose path is
my($InternalAccountList) = '/etc/MailScanner/internal.accounts.conf';
# to read lines that look like one of these
#   domain
#   account        local-only1
# These 2 lines in the file would define that a local email account
# "local-only1" could not send mail to any address except addresses
# There can be many domains and many accounts specified, one per line.
# Mail from the internal-only accounts to external domains will have the
my($InternalFailAction) = 'delete';
# action applied to it. This can be any of the legal "spam actions" as
# defined in the MailScanner.conf file.

This is in, already written this for another Mailsweeper

At 11:52 28/10/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all
>Well finally replaced Mailsweeper with Mailscanner - yay.
>Final bit of funtionality is to restrict certain internal email
>addresses to be used internally only - ie fred at
>cannot send external email or recieve it.
>I'm using MailScanner and Exim 4.24 to provide anti-virus, spam and a
>standard legal disclaimer (yes I know!).
>I guess the easiest way is to meddle (er config) exim so it rejects on
>the inbound connection..anyone any clues about this before I RTFM with
>the Exim config ;-)
>Martin Hepworth
>Senior Systems Administrator
>Solid State Logic Ltd
>tel: +44 (0)1865 842300
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