question about archiving versus SpamAssassin

Ian Douglas id at W98.US
Mon Oct 27 19:39:47 GMT 2003

I currently archive all Email for my domain accounts by setting
Archive Mail = /var/spool/MailScanner/archive
in my conf file.

Anyone know of any way to delete archived messages from that archive if
SpamAssassin scores it for deletion?

I usually parse through the archive looking for ham/spam messages to train
SpamAssassin with, but if SA has already detected it as spam, I'd like to
delete it from the archive to save myself some work.

Short of writing some extra custom scripts with Mail::Message libraries and
telling MailScanner to forward high-scored spam to another mailbox and
comparing that mailbox with the archive to manually delete them, I'm curious
if anyone has anything already written or know of a way to tell MailScanner
to delete high-scoring messages from the archive after processing it?

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