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David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Fri Oct 24 19:24:12 IST 2003

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, Lancaster, David Matthew wrote:

> Quoting David Lee <t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK>:
> > [...]
> > If I understand it correctly, this revised behaviour and configuration
> > also has my vote.  (We want to allow "forms" through unmolested, but to
> > convert "object codebase".)
> >
> > The proposed "Allow <X>= { yes | convert | no}" would seem to achieve such
> > flexibility with elegant simplicity and, further, to allow possible future
> > extensions beyond the current set of three values for <X>.
> >
> > Further, one could also envisage (at least in theory) the possibility of
> > two (or even more?) different conversions:
> >    Allow <X>= { yes | no | convert-all | convert-tag }
> >
> > Julian:  If you agree in principle, then I'd be happy to work (albeit
> > subject to the usual "local busy-ness constraints") with David Lancaster
> > to try to implement this framework over the coming weeks.  (I took at
> > quick peek yesterday at the relevant 4.24-5 code to see what might be
> > needed.)
> Sounds like a plan to me.  Julian appears to be pretty busy of late (know what
> that's like...).

Indeed.  That's why my request to him was simply to approve (or comment
on) the principle.

> I'm hoping that Julian wouldn't have any problems with rolling the
> modifications into the mainline distribution, to minimize the
> maintenance and since others would probably find it useful.

In my experience of MS development, I'm sure he would be happy to do this.
But, quite rightly, he would want to be happy with both the idea and the
implementation.  Hence this first check with him for the idea.


(Regarding details, I've realised that my supposed generalisation requires
some tidying, and that there are some knock on "continuity" effects
needing care.)


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