Redhat Linux ES 3.0 and MS

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Fri Oct 24 03:23:31 IST 2003


For those interested, I just got MS+SA+DCC+Razor+Pyzor+Command AV installed on a
RH Linux ES 3.0 system with no problem. It took a total of an hour to get the
system up and running.

RH Linux ES 3.0 seems to be a clone of RH 9.0 with lots of performance tweaks.
So, at least on my site, the RH Linux ES 3.0 is incredibly fast compared to
similar system running RH 9.0. I was able to copy my bayes databases from RH 9
onto ES with no problem.

One Gottcha is the infamous "UTF-8 language settings" problem that appeared in
RH 9. The same fix for 9 applies to ES 3.0. The recommended fixes that have been
mentioned many time on this list fix the same issue on ES.

Hope this will help someone

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