RedHat 9 + MailScanner = slow system

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Thu Oct 23 11:51:09 IST 2003

After upgrading we are running RH 9 + MS-4.24-5 + SA-2.60 on a Dell box
and find that many commands/operations are very slow to complete. 

The evidence that we have suggests that "syslogd" cannot keep up with
requests to log and this causes the slow response we are seeing. We are
doing the same amount of MailScanner logging as we did before upgrading.
Does anyone have a handle on this or any other performance issues with
RH 9 and MS/SA?

Further info:

We have two other systems to compare against. These run on identical
Dell hardware to that used above but have RH 7.2 + MS-4.22-5 + SA-2.55

All three machines deal with the same amount of e-mail (they are our
three MX hosts) but the RH 9 system always has significantly higher load
levels as shown by "to" and "uptime".

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