a note on using pyzor and up2date

Gerry Doris gdoris at rogers.com
Wed Oct 22 19:04:34 IST 2003

> For those of you using RedHats 'up2date' feature and wanting to install
> Pyzor...well...it seems as though the version of Python needed for Pyzor
> just so happens to break up2date.  Just figured I would throw that out
> there... now I have a working Pyzor, but a non-working up2date :(
> Matt
What version of RH are you using?  I've got RH 9 and both up2date and
pyzor have been running well for months???

RH screwed up a certificate (if I remember correctly) a month or so ago
which broke up2date.  You need to manually download the new version of
up2date and install it to fix the problem.


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