Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Wed Oct 22 16:18:37 IST 2003

This is messy, anyway... at least make sure your firewall "REJECTS" 
(rather than "DROPS") connections to port 25 of your Exchange server, 
that would prevent lousy timeouts (SMTP timeouts are reaaaaaaalyyyyyyy 
loooooooooong, and that is on purpose).

El 22 Oct 2003 a las 10:26, Mark Spieth escribió:

> This can be done with the Microsoft Scripting Agent. Personally I have
> done it in the past, It tends to beat up the box pretty good why the
> Scripting agent seems to put more of a load on the box then having the
> outlook clients to basically the same thing makes no sense to me, but then
> again this is a MS$ product. I really would either do it on the client or
> have MS/SA route the spam to an email address on the exchange server. 
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