HELP - lost messages

Rainer Anschober arm at SPAR.AT
Wed Oct 22 09:06:54 IST 2003


since two month we use postfix and MailScanner with spamassassin and
trend micro as mail gateway. we don't have troubles with it.

But since last night, we received a lot of mails with no body. Many
mails are often in the inbox ( the incoming smtp id is always the same )
almost all without a body.

I stopped postfix for sending and receiving mails and restart
mailscanner again. the Mailscanner says, that there are 1106 Mail
waiting, but there are no entries in the logfile for a working
Mailscanner. It seems, that the mailscanner do nothing. That was at the

Now, it seems to work correctly. But what was/is this?

for mailgateway, i use an server with 2 CPU and 1 GB RAM. Squid and a
contentfilter is also running on it. The memory usage is almost 100 % (
top ).

Mailscanner was running with 5 daemons. Today morning i increase this to

Thank you for your helps

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