Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

John Hanks john.hanks at USU.EDU
Wed Oct 22 05:07:21 IST 2003

>> Does Outlook or Outlook Express support filtering based on
>> mail headers?

>I don't think so, but you can filter based on subject.

Outlook will do this, header and message body. Outlook has some pretty
extensive options for filtering (they call them rules), including writing
your own rules in VBScript and probably other languages. Depending on which
selections you make in the rules wizard (which is a frontend for the Inbox
Assistant), some rules will run on the server so that Outlook doesn't need
to be running for them to work.

I think the way to do it server side for all messages is to write your own
handler for the event that fires when a new message comes in. I have seen
this discussed on an exchange admin list before, but have never tried it.
Grab one of the microsoft references for exchange and outlook development
and you'll probably get a dozen examples of how to do this. You could
probably get a start here:


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