Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

Sanjay K. Patel sanjay.patel at REXWIRE.COM
Wed Oct 22 03:41:26 IST 2003

That’s not how I read it but if that’s the case than it can be done in
Exchange through scripts but knowledge of exchange and Microsoft scripting
is required.


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> Why not just forward all spam to public folder called spam.
> Public folders
> can have SMTP address so give it a address of spam at and have
> MailScanner forward all spam to that address.
> -SKP
I think that the goal is to allow users to manage their spam, having their
own personal spam folder and only the spam they got.  I wouldn't like to be
a user looking for a false positive in the spam folder of 1000 users...

... my opinion

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