Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Wed Oct 22 02:01:13 IST 2003

        We have been using the combination of Mailscanner and SpamAssasin
for quite a while now with great success. What a great set of tools! I've
contributed what I can over the years, however minor that may be, but I am
always quick to point out Mailscanner as an example of an extremely well
built and flexible open source project. It solves many of the problems
that the so called "Enterprise MTAs" can't effectively solve on their own!
        Recently, I have been asked by a client to try and intergrate a
MailScanner + SpamAssasin front end with a Microsoft Exchange server
backend. The client wants mail passing through the MS+SA server to be
tagged with a header (simple) that identifies possible spam and then
having the Exchange server review that header and dump the mail to a Spam
folder for later review.
        This is pitifully easy to do with procmail, by looking at the
Spam-Score header, but for all of the documentation I can find on
Exchange, I can find absolutely no method for doing this. Has anyone done
this on Exchange, or is there some other obvious way to make Exchange
throw out mail that is tainted?

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