should I change score for Bayes_90?

Richard Ahlquist elist at PCSITES.COM
Tue Oct 21 14:02:18 IST 2003

I too have adjusted my Bayes scores. Here they are.

score BAYES_70 0 0 5.593 3.310
score BAYES_80 0 0 5.300 3.862
score BAYES_90 0 0 4.900 4.200
score BAYES_99 0 0 5.200 4.900

auto_learn 1
auto_learn_threshold_spam 10
auto_learn_threshold_nonspam -3.0

Hopefully I got those correct. I receive nearly 90% spam on the accounts
affected by this mails server (some of the addresses were used for newsgroup
postings as far back as 94). I know I have everything set really low but it
works for me. Spam threshold is 5, Bounce is set to 7. I have gotten only
one false positive in the last few months (I monitor the subject and authors
of bounced messages using MailWatch). 

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On October 20, 2003 03:40 pm, Chris.Campbell at wrote:
> I have a similar issue... and I was wondering if anyone responded on this
> thread... I would like to know if others are changing the bayes* scores...
> I know I have wrote about 100 custom rules, and changed about 50
> points.....but i haven't touched the bayes yet... mostly because I haven't
> found
> a good way to use sa-learn on my gateway mailrouter boxes yet... (internal
> users are  lotus notes users, and it doesn't support forward as attachment


Nobody responded to the thread (exept you). I analyzed a bunch of spam and
decided to change the scores myself. I arbitrarily decided to set Bayes_90
4.25 and Bayes_99 to 4.50. So far, it seems to be working well.


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