Virus Names Daily Report Script

Roger Jochem roger at RUDNICK.COM.BR
Mon Oct 20 10:50:33 IST 2003

Great script!

I will run it...


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  Someone had asked me to post this script a couple days ago but I didn't get an opportunity to do so until now and don't have the original message to reply to, so sorry for spamming the whole list.

  Anyhow, we run this script daily to generate a report on all the viruses filtered by MailScanner and McAfee.  I don't know what the maillog output looks like for other virus scanners, but if it's substantially different, modification will be necessary.

  The output is HTML-formatted with bullets and looks like this:

  Subject: E-Mail Viruses (Fri) - hostname

Viruses found by MailScanner & McAfee today:

a.. W32/Klez.h at MM.....2 times.

b.. W32/Lovelorn.dr.....16 times.

c.. W32/Lovelorn at MM.....10 times.

d.. W32/Swen at MM.....12 times.

A total of 40 viruses were found and filtered.

If anyone finds this useful and wants to modify it to support another virus scanner, feel free.  Please e-mail me any changes though and I'll link them on that page.

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