Virus Names Daily Report Script

Corey S. McFadden c at CSMA.BIZ
Sat Oct 18 10:03:00 IST 2003


I don't run postfix, so I'm not sure.  It basically looks for maillog
entries like this:

Oct 15 11:26:39 san-anton1 MailScanner[1669]:
/h9FGQXC03384/azxhnnjw.exe        Found the W32/Swen at MM virus !!!

So, if that's what you've got this will work...


At 10:54 AM 10/18/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Will it work using postfix ?.
>Corey S. McFadden wrote:
>>Someone had asked me to post this script a couple days ago but I didn't
>>get an opportunity to do so until now and don't have the original
>>message to reply to, so sorry for spamming the whole list.
>>Anyhow, we run this script daily to generate a report on all the viruses
>>filtered by MailScanner and McAfee.  I don't know what the maillog
>>output looks like for other virus scanners, but if it's substantially
>>different, modification will be necessary.
>>The output is HTML-formatted with bullets and looks like this:
>>Subject: E-Mail Viruses (Fri) - hostname
>>Viruses found by MailScanner & McAfee today:
>>     * W32/Klez.h at MM.....2 times.
>>     * W32/Lovelorn.dr.....16 times.
>>     * W32/Lovelorn at MM.....10 times.
>>     * W32/Swen at MM.....12 times.
>>A total of 40 viruses were found and filtered.
>>If anyone finds this useful and wants to modify it to support another
>>virus scanner, feel free.  Please e-mail me any changes though and I'll
>>link them on that page.
>>Best wishes,
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>>Technology Consultants
>>direct - +1.610.972.4347
>>c at -
>>This message has been scanned for viruses and
>>dangerous content.
>This message has been scanned for viruses and
>dangerous content, and is believed to be clean.

Corey S. McFadden & Associates,
Technology Consultants
direct - +1.610.972.4347
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This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content, and is believed to be clean.

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