what to do about spam allegedly from me?

Matthew K Bowman mkbowman at neo.rr.com
Fri Oct 17 16:28:21 IST 2003


What if a spam message is received by mailscanner, passed onto the clients
server bounced back to mailscanner because it is a user known? Do you still
whitelist via IP?

Or better still is it possible to just simple junk bounced messages without
being processed by mailscanner ( when they are received from a client's
server on our network ) ?

Example scenerio

An email is received for fred at abc.com. abc.com email is handled by a Lotus
Server. Domain says 'fred at abc.com not found in Public Names and Address
book' and bounces the email back to mailscanner. mailscanner says its spam
and tries to send it back to the sender (which may exist but 99% time the
sender is forged)

Effectively I don't want to whitelist either mail from abc.com or their
server (for bounced messages reasons) otherwise we could have our own server
blacklisted right?


Romanes Eunt Domus
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> Chris Yuzik wrote:
> > I've been noticing some spam walks right by the spam filters because
> > they forge the "from" header to appear as though it's me that sent
> > it. The spam scores high enough to get tagged, but it's whitelisted
> > because it's from me.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> Don't whitelist by domain for local domains, whitelist the IP of your mail
servers (or your network range if users connect directly to the MailScanner
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