Help with RFC Format MS 4.25-5 : More

greyhair greyhair at GREYHAIR.NET
Thu Oct 16 16:52:41 IST 2003

Thanks for your quick reply.  How do I run mailscanner in queue only
mode?  I'll do that if you tell me how.

Spicer, Kevin wrote:

>greyhair wrote:
>>Hi All, again.
>>  Ok i got sendmail to send a successful email thru
>>to my work address(that use symantec antivirus for
>>gateways) without mailscanner running.  I had to
>>manually move the queued files but anyway....
>>  It seems that Mailscanner is changing the emails
>>just enough so that symantec is saying that the RFC Format is
>>  incorrect. I was using 4.22-5 (worked correctly) and just
>>upgraded to 4.23-11 then to 4.25-5 which have an
>>error, according to symantec.
>Can you... turn mailscanner off, send a test email, make a copy of the queue files from, then turn mailscanner back on (but in queue only mode, or with the network connection pulled so the files get queued) and grab the queue files post process to find out what is being changed.
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