Advice on Using sa-learn

Chris Yuzik chris at
Wed Oct 15 18:47:01 IST 2003

Hi Errol,

Lowly Outlook Express can do it if you get people to right-click the message,
then forward as an attachment.

Yes, you're going to want to tell SpamAssassin to ignore whatever extra
headers MailScanner adds.

Your PERL script is going to have to extract the attachment from the message
and save it in a separate file for processing. Not sure how difficult this
is...I don't think it will be that hard though. I suggest saving each of the
extracted attachments to a separate dir, with whatever extension on it you'd
like. Then tell spamassasin to learn like so "sa-learn --spam --dir /

Then, you might want to create some sort of log file or email report on the
number of messages it's learned.

Let us know how it goes.


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