MailWatch issues?

Matt Kehler mkehler at WRHA.MB.CA
Wed Oct 15 15:37:23 IST 2003

I just found that issue (and did it) right before I received this email. Now I DO get the 'intialising database connection' line, but I never get a "Finished initialising database connection" message.  And same end result; email stops flowing.  

thanks Steve

>>> steve.freegard at LBSLTD.CO.UK 10/15/03 09:29AM >>>
Hi Matt,

You need to make sure that the 'require MailScanner/' line is
below the line that starts '$VERSION = substr...' in and it
should start working.

This will be in the docs for the next release.

Kind regards,

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Subject: MailWatch issues?

Not sure where else to post this as the MailWatch forum on sourceforge
doesn't have much action. Anyone have issues installing MailWatch for
Mailscanner; where MailScanner does not initialize the database upon
startup?  ie

Oct 15 08:56:01 sydney MailScanner[6673]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
version 4.24-5 starting...
Oct 15 08:56:02 sydney MailScanner[6673]: Config: calling custom init
function MailWatchLogging

And thats it, there is nothing after that in terms of any error messages.
Mail does *not* flow at all after this until until I take MailWatch out of
the picture. I checked my authentication to MySQL, the db all looks fine.
Ideas? Or should I post this elsewhere?


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