User maintainable blacklist?

Wed Oct 15 04:29:43 IST 2003

Php web gui to create/modify black & white lists

demo at

for SQL based lists you'll need the function code from

if you use file based lists outputfiles.php will create the white &
black list files from the sql tables - use carefully as it deletes
everything first in the target directory before recreating

there is no user authentication built in

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Subject: User maintainable blacklist?

Are there facilities for having users maintain a blacklist?  Either web
based, or by e-mail forwarding?

I have thought about doing a blacklist at myemailserver mailbox, and
building a blacklist based on any mail forwarded to this address that's
not from a legit user.  If the address gets spammed, that works too!
Users would just forward spam to this address before they delete it.

Has anyone done anything like this, or is there an existing work in this

I'd like to do a whitelist in a similar way, but that address would have
to be protected somehow.


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