Hybris & Bounces

hermit921 hermit921 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 15 04:19:41 IST 2003

When I find such bounces coming from our users that use Mailwasher, I
explain why they must not send notices  "back to the sender".  As long as
only a few people do it, this approach is practical.  I would love to have
Mailwasher use <> as sender for such notices.


At 08:00 PM 10/14/2003, Matt wrote:
>Should Hybris be set as a silent virus?  I am getting alot undeliverables
>lately in the admin account due to it.
>I am also getting tons of undeliverables lately due to Mailwasher's handy
>bounce feature.  Forges postmaster or MAILER-DAEMON as the from on faked
>bounce messages.  So the lucky postmaster gets all bounced faked bounces.
>Any ideas how to stop that?

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