Mailscanner doing the math wrong?

Chris Yuzik chris at
Tue Oct 14 20:53:28 IST 2003

On October 14, 2003 12:07 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>  As far as I understand it, per-user meant that MailScanner was running for
> only one person, and not for a domain. AWL works by recording how often a
> certain address emails someone. In my case, a spammer would start hammering
> away on the server, and after awhile their scores wouldn't be flagged as
> spam because AWL had it listed as a frequent sender.
>  Hope that helps clear it up a bit.

Hi Joshua,

Perhaps I need to reread the docs again, but my understanding was "if a user
sends a lot of non-spam emails, then they get whitelisted so if they happen
to send a message that would breach the threshold, it lets it by anyways."

I didn't think spammers that regularly send spams whose messages are above the
threshold get whitelisted. Do they?

Clear as murky water, thanks. ;-)


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