config issues with Sendmail and Trend?

Matt Kehler mkehler at WRHA.MB.CA
Tue Oct 14 18:11:29 IST 2003

I am having some configuration issues.  I have a sendmail server (Redhat 7.3) with TrendMicro VirusWall installed, that relays to our internal LAN email system.  That part has always worked.  I have now installed the latest MailScanner and Spamassassin.   I installed as per defaults, and changed MailScanner to NOT scan for viruses (using [Virus Scanner =   ] ) as that functionality is being done by TrendMicro, and turned on Spam filtering in the Mailscanner config.  

Currently, Viruswall works by calling sendmail after is scans for viruses; by default it uses '/usr/lib/sendmail -bs '.  I simply changed this to call for "  /usr/lib/sendmail -bs -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn -OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/  "  .  If I had "  -ODeliveryMode=queueonly " included, files would just get dumped into /var/spool/ and not get moved out.

Now, email flows fine.  But it is not being checked for spam (or seemingly anything, for that matter).. I can see the email's going into /var/spool/ and then being picked up, so I know the basic flow is working.  Where do I start looking for what is wrong?  Spam filter IS turned on in the MailScanner config.  Should there be report or status files for SpamAssassin? (I know, wrong list...but since I'm here...:)

Sorry if these are ignorant questions, but most of the info I found either hooked MailScanner into sendmail by editing the startup files (ie, /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail) or using Sendmail Milter....both of which I am not using.


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