User maintainable blacklist? {Scanned}

David Shaw maillist at COMPUTER-MEDIC.US
Tue Oct 14 17:30:27 IST 2003

I would like to do something like that. But I would like to add it to


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Subject: User maintainable blacklist? {Scanned}

> Are there facilities for having users maintain a blacklist?  Either web
> based, or by e-mail forwarding?
> I have thought about doing a blacklist at myemailserver mailbox, and
> building a blacklist based on any mail forwarded to this address that's
> not from a legit user.  If the address gets spammed, that works too!
> Users would just forward spam to this address before they delete it.
> Has anyone done anything like this, or is there an existing work in this
> area?
> I'd like to do a whitelist in a similar way, but that address would have
> to be protected somehow.
> Thanks.

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