Vexira with MS?

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Tue Oct 14 16:12:47 IST 2003

be aware that using just ANY AV could be risky...there are a lot of posts
about the viability and inability of certain vendors to provide libraries in
a reasonable period of time after an outbreak on this list (see archives).

Take a look at this site: an extension of TruSecure Corp and they provide a certification
program for security products including firewalls and VPNS.  Their AV
certification lab is well run and up to date on which products are
certified.  There is certain criteria that the labs requires of member
product vendors such as 24-hour release of signatures and several other
standard requirements.

I have always been a proponent of knowing what I'm buying, so making a
purchasing requirement such as an ISCA certification is an easy decision.


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From: "Larry Candelario" <l_candelario at CRC.UPR.CLU.EDU>
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 10:43 AM
Subject: Vexira with MS?

> Hi all,
> I've been following the Virus Scanner Review, since I'd already done tests
> last year with Red Hat Linux, Sendmail, MailScanner and F-Prot, and Open
> Webmail for web access, and our campus finally decided to provide mail
> service for our students.  But when checking again costs for an antivirus
> it's obvious that the companies are seeing that using Linux for mail
> is really catching on, and now instead of a free or low-cost solution, I'm
> caught with high costs for an  antivirus (we plan on providing service to
> some 4,000 students, and so far the costs per mailbox are prohibitive).
> Checking around, I saw Vexira
> (
> which offers a Per Domain License of $199 for up to 6,000 mailboxes for a
> Mail Server, and also offers a File Server/Samba product for $349.95
> (
> Has anyone had any experience with this antivirus?  Seems to be good, but
> don't know anyone who can give me any insight on whether it's really that
> good. Any chance that it may later be included with those that work with
> MailScanner?
> Any info/comment/suggestion will be appreciated.
> TIA,
> Larry

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