OT Routing problem MS sendmail and exchange

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> Subject: OT Routing problem MS sendmail and exchange
> Hi,
> I have been looking everywhere fo a solution to this.
> Using Malscanner a mailgateway (lowest MX)
> In the DMZ i have a sendmail sever my users connetct to for 
> I now have a new Exchange server and new users on this one 
> and migrating old
> users
> slowly from the sendmail to the exchange.
> MS smtpGW scans all mail comming in an the sends all mail to the new
> Exchange server.
> All email the exchange server cant resolve it sends to the 
> old sendmail
> server (even @domain.com addresses)
> But the sendmail will only deliver @domain.com if there exist 
> a local user.
> I need to figure out how to make sendmail deliver local 
> addresses and those
> @domain.com adresses it doesnt have localy sould be sent to 
> the exchange
> server?
> How to solve when a local domain (@domain.com) address has 
> been moved???
> I could maintain the aliasses file on the old server but that 
> is way too
> much administration.
> Also can I make the Mailscanner Mailgateway relay mail to my internal
> mailservers on a trial error basis?
> Incomming mail to @domain.com first try internalmailserver1.domain.com
> if NDR (non delivery reply) then try internalmailserver2.domain.com
> Sorry if im unclear or messy in my description.
> Thanks for any help in advance.
> Bets regards
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You might be able to make use of the LUSER_RELAY macro in sendmail which
basically says I have mail for a user who is supposed to be local but I have
no account for him so I will forward it on to this other mailserver

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