Using MailScanner with Postfix

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Tue Oct 14 14:36:08 IST 2003

Postfix runs fine for me...strong and I find it easy to
configure/ performs with no problems for me.

One small annoying little the way that it writes its queue files
the SQL logging functions in MailScanner pickup redundant email addresses in
the to_address field of the logging.

Steve is working on this, but it remains...and causes my SQL queries to be a
little ugly.


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Antony Stone wrote:

> I seem to recall that the main problems lie with trying to run
> different MTA queues across different file systems, because the
> author of Postfix decided to use a somewhat strange file
> system-dependent queue file naming mechanism, which means that queue
> files on different fs's on the same machine are not guaranteed to be
> unique....

Its based on inode number I think, so you have to stay on the same
filesystem and only ever link/unlink files (so they don't move inode).  But
I think thats what MailScanner does anyway isn't it?  (I don't know how
changing the files contents gets round that)

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