R: Using MailScanner with Postfix

Gioia Bastioni gioia at bclink.it
Tue Oct 14 10:16:46 IST 2003

Well in fact, I had some different problems yesterday, because I couldn't receive neither send any messagges ..! Now it's all OK, Postfix works, but I think that something is not going well, in fact I receive those message every 1 second, I've tryed to send an Eicar file...and the Mailscanner did not scan! 
what's could be wrong ?! I could send my MailScanner.conf file is this can help..


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Inviato: lunedì 13 ottobre 2003 18.32
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At 17:16 13/10/2003, you wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I've installed Postfix, instead using Sendmail and all seems to work fine
>until I've create the chroot jail as the
>http://www.sng.ecs.soton.ac.uk/mailscanner/install/postfix.shtml sayd,
>change the Mailscanner.cf as to use Postfix as MTA, create the 'incoming'
>and 'quaratine' directory in /var/spool/Mailscanner/incoming ... /quarantine
>but now the message I get is:
>Starting MailScanner 4.24-5 ...
>Using locktype=flock
>Postfix queue structure is depth 1
>anyone can help me ?

That looks just fine. What's the problem?
Julian Field
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