Flushin Queue

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Oct 13 17:07:49 IST 2003

On Monday 13 October 2003 5:00 pm, Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions

> On one of our servers there seem to be a lot of messages stuck in the Q.

Which queue?   Input MTA queue, waiting for MailScanner to process it?
MailScanner work directory, as it passes through MS?   MailScanner output
directory, waiting for delivery MTA to send it?

> New email is being processed without any delays, but there is a lot of mail
> 'stuck'. Any ideas on how we could flush it out?

Input queue: MS should pick it up - check the log files if it isn't

MS process queue: Check the log files to see what MS is doing with it.

Delivery queue: Run the MTA queue runner (and check the logfiles....)



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