spamassassin causing Mailscanner defunct {Scanned}

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Oct 13 10:52:18 IST 2003

In MailScanner.conf, set
         Debug = yes
then stop MailScanner. Put 1 message into the incoming queue and run
check_mailscanner. This will process just that 1 message and print out any
error messages you get. That will probably explain what's wrong. Also,
check your maillog for any error messages from MailScanner.

At 10:25 13/10/2003, you wrote:
>First of all, let me say that when it works it works well, and I am very
>pleased with the performance and features of MailScanner.
>I am having problems with MailScanner failing to start correctly when I have
>it configured to use SpamAssassin . The first process starts and appears to
>be OK, but never actually processes mail. Further instances of MailScanner
>fail to start up correctly - ps shows [MailScanner <defunct>] and top shows
>bursts of very high cpu usage.
>I have seen various references to this in the archives, but no explanation of
>what causes it and therefore how to resolve the problem. I am coming to the
>opinion that it is file permissions somewhere, but I don't know where.
>I have had this situation twice now. The first time I fiddled around and
>changed various settings and eventually it went away. I think that I removed
>the RBL lists from the spam.assassin.prefs.conf file. On the other hand I
>changed lots of things in increasing desperation, including re-installing
>both MailScanner and spamassassin ;-)
>MailScanner then worked fine with SpamAssassin for a couple of weeks before
>the same thing started happening.
>Thinking back to what was common to each situation, I had been trying to
>manually learn the bayesian engine - set up scripts to run under cron, and
>ran them maually as root to test them. It was after this that things stopped
>This time, reinstalling SpamAssassin didn't improve things.
>For the record, I am running:
>MailScanner from MailScanner-4.23-11.rpm.tar.gz
>F-Prot as the anti-virus engine
>SpamAssassin Mail-SpamAssassin-2.60.tar.gz
>I also have:
>Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated. Anything that I can
>provide by checking permissions, or by sending off spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>files or MailScanner.conf file, or by running traces I will be more than
>happy to do.
>Chris Wilber

Julian Field
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