ANYONE ??? Uninstall and install the new version. {Scanned}

David maillist at COMPUTER-MEDIC.US
Fri Oct 10 19:26:02 IST 2003

I have Version 4.22-5. I have to reboot my mail server everyweek do to
memory problems with Mailscanner. I would like to upgrade if this fixes the
problem. If it will can I just install over the old version? Is there any
step to upgrade?
Please let me know.

Thanks, David

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 17:14:56 +0100, Spicer, Kevin <Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK>

> David wrote:
>> Hello All, I'm running a older version of Mailscanner and I'm running
>> in to the memory leak problem for sometime now. I see that there is a
>> new version out and would like to know how to uninstall the old
>> version and install the new version. Not so much the new version but
>> if there is anything I should do. I would like to unstall the old
>> version then install the new one. Also is there anything I can do to
>> stop the memory leak before I make the change to the new version?
>> Please let me know.
> The transistion from earlier v4 installs is very easy.  v3 installs are a
> little more comp-licated to upgrade.  Which do you have?
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