Resend quarantined files?

Max Kipness mkipness at GENIANT.COM
Fri Oct 10 19:07:59 IST 2003

Hello All,
I've created a script that handles resending Spam that was mis-tagged as spam and that works great.
I'm trying to figure out a process to send attachment files that have been quarantined. The problem in particular is a bunch of files sent to one of my clients that is a legitimate drawing of some sort, but Sophos considered it a virus because it could not check it. I know that I can set MailScanner to allow files like this that it cannot check, which isn't a very good idea, but at this point we are beyond that stage anyway.
To experiment, I went into a quarantine dir on a local MailScanner system, navigated to a particular directory that had an attachment and then tried to send the attachment using uuencode. The file sent ok, but was reprocessed as a virus.
Is there anyway around this? I've also thought of simply configuring Samba on this box to directly access this file, but I'd rather be able to send.

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