Could not analyze report?

Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Fri Oct 10 14:56:24 IST 2003

I have a problem with a user that wants to forward 400+ to herself to allow
her to receive all 400+ emails as one email. Each of the individual emails
contains the result of a web form and has HTML  in it. Some of the emails
arrive in the sent email (lets say e.g. 138 of the 400+). All of the email
attachments are the same with the exception of content from the web form and
the sender name and address, etc.

She performs this task by placing all of these 400+ emails in an OE
directory, selects all, and forwards to herself.

The sysadmin report indicates ---- "Report could not analyze message"

I am at a loss as to what is triggering this on only some of the embedded

Any clues, please?

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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