Performance question Redux

Alan Fiebig mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Thu Oct 9 21:06:50 IST 2003

Okay gang, I'm back!

I've added an Ultra160 SCSI 10,000 RPM drive to my server today.
I moved the spool directories to this new drive so that the,
mqueue, and MailScanner directories will run on this new drive.
(note, I already had MailScanner/incoming running on tmpfs)

I made this new partition on the scsi drive a reiserfs filesystem
per the recommendation I got yesterday.

syslog remains on the original ATA drive, as does the swap and
all the original directories. The ONLY thing I moved to the new scsi
drive are the MS related spool directories.

vmstat 'b' is still showing me with values as high as '25'.

Any suggestions on what to try next?


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