SA Timed Out (Redux)

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Thu Oct 9 16:46:28 IST 2003

This has been discussed many times on the list,but I'm unable to find a
reason for it.

I just installed 4.24-5 and SA 2.60.

I am running Razor and DCC Checks as well as RBL.

I get intermittent messages that are SPAM that get through, when analyzing
the header SAReport, it indicates that SpamAssassin timed out.

I decided that allowing mailscanner to have to wait for a response from a
name server that is on the Internet, to run a caching nameserver ON the
mailscanner machine to alleviate these non-identified SPAM messages.  This
seems to have decreased the number of occurences, however, it is still
happening intermittently. When I try a spamassassin --lint, and through 95%
of all other messages that are processed, the SpamAssassin doesn't time out
and processes the message normally...but every now and again it will time
out and answers that the message is NOT SPAM.

My questions are two-fold:

1.  If I am not seeing any performance related problems when the timeouts
occur and the network is as available as always, what could be causing these

2.  if SA does timeout, I think it makes sense to have MailScanner re-queue
the message for this configurable?

Perhaps I just missed a configuration step..but I don't seem to remember the
problem in 4.22-5/SA2.55



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