Possible bug or oversight

Randy Herban rherban at HYPERVINE.NET
Thu Oct 9 02:57:50 IST 2003

Redhat 9, fully upgraded, kernel 2.4.20-20.9

Mailscanner 4.24-5, SpamAssassin 2.60

Used to receive full logging of each spam message, it's score and summary of why spamassassin throught it was spam with the "Log Spam = yes" option.

Did fresh install of mailscanner and used the rpm provided MailScanner.conf making changes where i needed.

Now I only get 1 of 100 reports while I know I am receiving spam by the following:

Spam Checks: Found 68 spam messages  

and I did not receive 68 log entries.

Is there something I missed or potentially a bug in the latest upgrade?


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