Performance question

Alan Fiebig mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Wed Oct 8 19:25:00 IST 2003

>Try running:
>vmstat 2
>while doing your test.
>If the blocks in/out are often above 2000 and/or the number of blocked
>processes on the left is often 1 or more, on an ide drive you may be i/o
>bound.  Does it speed up if you turn syslog off?

Ran vmstat 2, it showed:
   bi almost always at '0', some times showed '2' or '4'.
   bo never above 900, usually in the 700's or 800's

The 'r' column on the left side was always above '1', got as high as '18'
typically around '9'.

When I stopped syslog, the 'r' column dropped way down, never went above '4'
and often was '0' or '1'. The 'bi' and 'bo' columns were about the same as
with syslog running.

Of course, with syslog shut down, I can't easily monitor how fast MS is processing
messages :)


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