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Youn Gonzales ispmgr at CLAS.NET
Wed Oct 8 17:22:16 IST 2003

Isolate where the slowdown is - ie disable SA and see what happens.. Reduce
the number of messages scanned in MailScanner.conf. Check your logs too..

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From: "Alan Fiebig" <mailscanner at ELKNET.NET>
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 11:00 AM
Subject: Performance question

> Hello,
> I'm currently running MS 4.23-11 with SA 2.55, Bayes disabled, RBL
disabled, no offsite checks (pyzor etc.) in use.
> Sendmail is my MTA.
> I am using tmpfs for my MailScanner/incoming directory.
> On occasion I get BIG backups in my
> When this happens, MS is indeed processing messages, but exceedingly
slowly. But yet my server seems to have
> tons of resources available, the server is not running out of steam.
Rather, most of my MS children are sleeping.
> here is an example:
> TOP shows 17 MailScanners sleeping, 1 running
> uptime shows CPU usage of 1.86%, 3.38%, 5.78%
> Zero swap space is in use
> Approx 1GB of RAM is inuse, 200KB RAM free
> 80% CPU idle time
> 9,000 messages are in
> 902 in MailScanner/incoming
> Watching the log shows no timeouts, and over an 18 minute period the
server processed 2,200 messages, or 7,300/hour, 176k/day
> As we receive closer to 250,000/day, this just doesn't cut it. Yet I see
no indication that faster or more hardware would
> have any impact considering the server is basically resting.
> Any ideas? Thanks!
> -Alan

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