SpamAssassin scoring spam as 0

Gerry Doris gdoris at
Wed Oct 8 15:38:58 IST 2003

> Hello,
> Ever had a problem that rears its ugly head so seldom that you dont quite
> think the effort involved with solving it is worth it?
> Well, I have one problem that I may haveto look closer at after all...
> Seems some spam get scored 0 by SpamAssassin when some of its rules
> clearly
> should have atleast given it something. I've seen this a few times over
> the
> past months but could never figure it out. I am presently running MS
> 4.22-5
> with SpamAssassin 2.60, no other problems at all.
> Anyone else encounter this?
> Full email below
> Regards, Tony

While I never had the entire message scored as 0.0 I often had detailed
scores of 0.0 even though the total score appeared to be correct.  I just
never bothered to try and find the fix.  This was consistent over several
SpamAssassin releases.

I had always installed SpamAssassin from CPAN.  I installed 2.60 from the
tarball and the scoring suddenly corrected itself.


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