Isolating MailScanner 'slowness'...

Peter Bates Peter.Bates at LSHTM.AC.UK
Wed Oct 8 12:11:21 IST 2003

Hello all...

Apologies if this is a FAQ.

I guess I should upgrade my MailScanner (running 4.21), so it might
just be a missing feature... I also need to switch to SA 2.60.

At the moment the delivery  times for messages passing through our MS
and Postfix combination are increasing, and I'm at a loss to guess where
to look...

In my bad old days of running Amavis(d), a certain 'verbosity' level in
logging would produce stats in the log relating to the total time to
process a message (Amavis of course doing everything on a per message
basis), but also breaking this time down into '90% of the time spent on
passing this message through SpamAssassin', etc. ...

Are there any general tactics for isolating the problem here with
MailScanner? I'm not seeing SA being 'killed off', but equally I'm
assuming it might be the thing that is taking the longest to


Oh, this is MS 4.21, Postfix 2, on RedHat, with Sophos (and SAVI),
Mcafee and F-Prot, and SA 2.55...

Peter Bates, Systems Support Officer, Network Support Team.
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
Telephone:0207-958 8353 / Fax: 0207- 636 9838

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