automatic queue run on hanging virus scanner update

Michael Weiser michael at DINSNAIL.NET
Wed Oct 8 09:25:15 IST 2003

Hi all,

tonight MailScanner got stuck on automatically updating the virus scanner
signatures. This seems to have been due to some network problem or locking
error in the scanner engine but not due to MailScanner. Everything resumed
working normally as soon as I killed the hanging update. While the update
was hanging about messages were accumulated in the incoming queue *but*
processed every 21 minutes past the full hour, apparently bypassing at
least spam checking. I've ruled out a cron job doing this so it seems to
me MailScanner recognised the hanging update and periodically did a queue
flush. Now I wonder if this is somehow configurable somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any insights on this one. :)
bye, Micha

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