readqf: cannot open ./d* (including last MailScanner): SOLVED

Ramon Acedo ramon at LINUX-LABS.NET
Tue Oct 7 19:55:32 IST 2003

El lun, 06-10-2003 a las 22:27, Kevin Spicer escribió:
> Might be worth checking you are using the right locktype.  Do...
> sendmail -bt -d0.10 </dev/null | grep HASFLOCK
> (this should return a single line - if it does not then your sendmail
> has been compiled for a non-default locking mechanism)

It was just that! thanks Kevin. In Debian the sendmail package is
not compiled with flock and instead it uses fcntl locking. flock()
seems to be broken in some 2.4 kernels, probably that's the reason
which made the package maintainer to not to compile with it.

The solution is setting 'Lock Type = posix' in MailScanner.conf, after
doing that i've got no more readqf errors.

It would be a good idea to advice debian users of sendmail and
mailscanner to set the Lock Type to posix in their configuration and 
to let the mailscanner debian maintainer (Matthias Klose
doko at know it in order to correct it or at least give an
advice to the users.


Ramon Acedo

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