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Tue Oct 7 16:31:40 IST 2003

At 15:09 07/10/2003, you wrote:
>I haveone awkward customer who doesn't want attachments filtered according
>to filetype/name.conf
>They want to recieve all attachments untouched.
>Can I send MailScanner.conf > filetype.rules > filetype.rules.conf?
>e.g. in filetype.rules.conf
>FromOrTo:       default         %etc-dir%/rules/filetype.rules.conf
>FromOrTo:       *   (what do I put here)

FromOrTo: * %etc-dir%/rules/filetype-allowall.rules.conf

And then in %etc-dir%/rules/filetype-allowall.rules.conf put this:

allow   .       -       -
(separated by tabs). That will make it allow everything.

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