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Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue Oct 7 14:49:08 IST 2003

I've seen several other replies to this so thought I'd have a go to.

John L wrote:
> On my server's configuration,  I have local mailboxes.  If I would like
> to send all mail tagged as SPAM to each user's individual spam folder in
> their mailbox, how would I go about doing it?
> Would I have to do it using procmail with a .procmailrc for each user?

If I understand things correctly, you want mail tagged as spam to be
delivered to a different folder on the server so that it isn't in the
inbox that they "POP" from. The only way they access the spam folder is
using squirrel mail which opens the spam folder by IMAP - correct?

If this is the case then I would do it with procmail. Procmail has a
central rc file as well as optional per-user ones. If you want to force
the rule on everyone, use a central rc. If you want people to be able to
configure it individually, then you'll need per-user. If you want people
to be able to configure it per-user via a web interface then have some
central templates called perhaps /etc/procmail/filterSpam containing

# Simple recipe to filter messages marked as {Spam?} into caught-spam
:0 D
* ^Subject: {Spam\?} *

and then the web page writes out a .procmailrc for the user containing


if they want to filter and


if they don't. You can then add extra options for filtering spamhigh or
viruses or deleting them and the users can control stuff.



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