Spam sneaking through mail action rules

Matney, John JMatney at POST-TRIB.COM
Tue Oct 7 03:55:28 IST 2003

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Hi folks,

        I'm experiencing something that I'm hoping can be worked around.
I've implemented a mail gateway using MailScanner-4.23-11 and postfix as

        With the recent Sobig's and such, the Administration decided to
finally allow me to filter spam at the gateway - so long as users could opt
out. No problem, I collected the names of those folks that wished to opt out
and built a ruleset that looks something like this:

To:     optoutuser1 at     deliver
To:     optoutuser2 at     deliver
To:     default delete

        Problem is, that while this has decreased the amount of spam that
makes it to the user, it doesn't eliminate all of it because if a message
that has multiple recipients has one of the opt out users in the list, it
gets delivered to all recipients no matter what. From what I can tell about
20% of our spam marked mail contains multiple recipients with an opt out
user on it.

        Is there a means to ensure that mailscanner will deliver the mail to
the recipients that opt out of mail filtering?

Thanks in advance,

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