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Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Oct 6 16:16:30 IST 2003

Great news!!

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El 6 Oct 2003 a las 9:41, Julian Field escribió:

> Morning all!
> I have just posted 4.24-5 on the website.
> Major improvements this time are, for example,
> --  Emergency queue-handling mode for rapid processing of very large mail
> queues.
> --  Check of number of attachments on a message to prevent a DoS attack.
> --  New rule type in Filename and Filetype checking, so some files can just
> be deleted and not quarantined, which saves disk space.
> --  Several new example Custom Functions to implement things like per-IP
> messages per hour to save you being bombarded with viruses from just a few
> IP addresses, high speed implementation of several configuration options
> which will work faster when using huge rulesets.
> There are loads of other improvements as well.
> When upgrading your MailScanner.conf using upgrade_MailScanner_conf, please
> read the usage message carefully. By default it will now not copy all the
> comments from the old file to the new one, so that you get to see any new
> features in the behaviour of configuration options. If you want to use all
> the old comments instead of the new ones, you need to add "--keep-comments"
> to the command line.
> Download it from
> The ChangeLog is here:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> - Added option "SpamScore Number Instead Of Stars" so that the spam stars
>    header can be replaced by a number specifying the score instead.
> - Added "Max Normal Queue Size" setting so that MailScanner will switch into
>    a faster mode when collecting messages. This will stop it processing
>    messages in order of date, and just pick them apparently randomly from the
>    queue. This may delay some messages considerably, so set it so it is only
>    used in emergencies. It should be at least several thousand. After the queue
>    has shrunk below the threshold size, it continues to stay in this mode for
>    another 40 batches in an attempt to completely clear the queue.
> - Added "Maximum Attachments Per Message" setting so that messages which
>    accidentally have thousands of attachments are rejected. I have seen this
>    happen on 1 MTA when repeatedly bouncing a message between 2 addresses,
>    enclosing the headers in a new attachment every time.
> - Filename and Filetype allow/deny rules files now have a third option in
>    addition to 'deny' and 'allow', you can now do 'deny+delete' (or any word
>    containing 'deny' and 'delete'). This will stop the denied attachment
>    from being quarantined. Very useful against Sobig worm as you can
>    'deny+delete \.pif$' to simply strip all PIF files without quarantining
> them.
> - Added Custom Function to implement per-IP messages-per-hour rate limiting.
>    See for more details (IPBlock).
> - Added Custom Function to implement high-speed "spam List" and "Spam Domain
>    List" lookups for use with very large rulesets. There are some restrictions
>    on the types of rule you are allowed, see the code comments for more
>    details (FastSpamList and FastSpamDomainList).
> - The subject line text for tagging spam can now include "_SCORE_" which will
>    be replaced with the numeric spam score.
> - For use with the "attachment" spam action, changed "digest" to "report"
>    to encourage MUAs to display the message correctly.
> - Improved handling of "Filename Rules" and "Filetype Rules" so they are
>    just-in-time compiled, which is needed when using Custom Functions for them.
> - Added support for Kaspersky 4.5.0. This is totally different to all
>    previous versions, bless them :( It's more sane though.
> - Sophos-autoupdate fixed up for Sophos 3.74 and its international swpmess
> file.
> - Improved sophos-wrapper to handle multi-lingual output of Sophos 3.74.
> - Updated F-Secure parser for 4.51.
> - Added Solaris check to update_virus_scanners for xpg4 path.
> - New update to Tony Finch's mcafee-autoupdate script.
> - F-Prot updater improved so downloading happens while MailScanner is running
>    normally. Lock out only happens for a fraction of a second.
> - Improved rav-autoupdate so it times out after 5 minutes.
> - Changed default waiting time in init.d script restart operation to 10 secs.
> - Added client IP address logging of infected messages.
> - Changed the default values relating to warning senders about what happened
>    to their message.
> - eTrust added to OS vs virus-scanners grid table.
> - Added new Debian package to downloads and news.
> - Dutch reports updated with better translations.
> - Spanish reports updated with better translations.
> - Documentation now includes link to Mail Process Flow Diagram.
> - Added "--keep-comments" command-line option to "upgrade_MailScanner_conf"
>    command. By default this is off so you get to read about all the new
>    whizzy options that can be used with existing configuration options.
> * Fixes*
> - Opened logging in f-prot-autoupdate so status logging happens.
> - Fixed typo in
> - changed SA and MCP pre-compilation code so it should now handle the bugs in
>    this area of SpamAssassin. Am awaiting response on a fix to SA for this.
> - Undone previous fix, SA have fixed their code in RC4.
> - Oh no they haven't. Still buggy in their released code too :-(
> - Fixed bug in quote replacement in SQL logging in
> - Fixed typo in log text in 1 rule in filename.rules.conf.
> - Added fix for bug in message handling on busy Postfix systems.
> --
> Julian Field
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support
> PGP footprint: EE81 D763 3DB0 0BFD E1DC  7222 11F6 5947 1415 B654

Mariano Absatz
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