ANNOUNCE: Stable 4.24 released

shrek-m at shrek-m at GMX.DE
Mon Oct 6 16:01:17 IST 2003

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

>Hi, it is not a matter of running locate as root, but just run the script.  It should be in root's $PATH, so you shouldn't have to search for it.  Just remember its name. upgrade_Mailscanner_conf

Display all 3500 possibilities? (y or n)

can you remeber 3500 possibilities ?

# upg[tab][tab]
# upgrade_MailScanner_conf
# which upgrade_MailScanner_conf

# ls /usr/sbin/up[tab][tab]
up2date                   update_virus_scanners     upsmon
up2date-config            updfstab                  upssched
up2date-nox               upgrade_MailScanner_conf  upssched-cmd
update-alternatives       upsd


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