ANNOUNCE: Stable 4.24 released

Erik Jakobsen eja at URBAKKEN.DK
Mon Oct 6 14:22:30 IST 2003

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions wrote:
>>Hi. I have searched the whole area I think, but I canøt find 
>>the "upgrade_Mailscanner_conf" file. Nor the usage message.
>>Where has it been placed ?.
>>Sorry for the incovenience.
> On RedHat (and similar) first type:
> updatedb
> Then simply type:
> locate upgrade_Mailscanner_conf
> It should be in /usr/sbin  but that may depend on your system
> Michele

I did an updatedb.

The after I couldn't find the upgrade_Mailscanner_conf. The reason for 
that was the 8.3 convention :-)

But where is the usage documentation mentioned be Julian to be found ?.


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