Sophos.install -> sweep: relocation error: sweep: undefined symbol: initializeDriveMap

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Oct 5 09:45:32 IST 2003

At 16:16 04/10/2003, you wrote:
>could you please *mention* that Sophos.install is an MailScanner-tool
>which need additional settings.
>===> Checking paths are accessible
>Warning: $PATH does not include /usr/local/Sophos/bin
>         To run Sophos Anti-Virus you need to set environment variable
> $PATH so
>         that it includes /usr/local/Sophos/bin.
>Warning: Neither $LD_LIBRARY_PATH nor /etc/ include
>         /usr/local/Sophos/lib.
>         You need to either include an entry for /usr/local/Sophos/lib in
>         /etc/, or set environment variable $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
>         include /usr/local/Sophos/lib or you will not be able to use Sophos
>         Anti-Virus.

You don't need to do either of those steps for the sophos-wrapper script to
work, which is why I don't mention them. Just trust my script and it will
work fine.

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